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Is Possible Make money online? If so what are the genuine ways to Make money online without Scam

Is Possible Make money online? If so what are the genuine ways to Make money online without Scam

This question generally running on most people who wants to make some extra money from online. Also many Students want to do part time job using internet, Also many of them failed to make money due to fake apps, Scam websites & not getting proper Guidance.

Every one should know that where exactly can get money and which those fake websites.

And one important information that DO NOT INVEST Money for any online job (DATA ENTRY REGISTRATION FEE), Any APPs or Investment Websites, Typically They would promise that your capital will become  double in 30 days.  But Unfortunately your full Capital amount you will lose by using those APPS and websites. So Be careful & Be Awareness. 

Now, you can ask me There is no way to earn money online?

We have lot of option to earn money online. We will look into that one by one.

1. Blogging

What is Blogging - Write something which is very useful for people. 
your Content should be valuable, It will make you good asset in your life. Keep Blogging!

There are 2 options to write blogging ! whether you create a Website for blogging  or Create Free website in The major difference for choosing that domain name showing dot Example -

A) - This is Free website you can create using
you can go through Blogger Tutorial and learn how to create Free Blogging.

B) Create Website - For Create New website you need to spend money for Domain & Hosting Purchase.

C) (Earning Website for Publishing google Ads in your website) - 

Step 1 - Go to 
Step 2 - Submit your blog or website for google approval (Optional) 
Step 3 - Once your website approved from google Adsense.
Step 4 - Register your Name, Country and Bank Details into
Step 5 - Get Advertiser  Ad code (HTML CODING) from your Google adsense Personale account
Step 6 - Paste  HTML Code into your Website/Blog.
Step 7 - Now, you start google Publisher Business, Start Publish your websites/Blog as per Google AdSense Terms and conditions.
Step 8 - Every time your website visitors clicked Google ads which displayed in your blog or website, you get paid. It may be 0.08 Cents or $1 based on Advertiser spend money to Google.
Step 9 - If you reach $100 in your , you can withdraw money from
Step 10 - Keep Remember that DO not click Google Ad on your own  
Step 11 - Your Blog or Website should meet  Google Terms.
Step 11 - Google  is 100% Genuine Online Job.
Step 12 - Your Valuable content is king in your Website or Blog. 

All the very Best!

2. Create Youtube Videos- Link in Adsense Account & Earn Money Online

Nowadays many people creating videos in youtube and earn huge money.

How to select youtube Channel Concepts

There are many Youtube Channel concept topics below recommend. you might select any one topic based on your skill.

  • Cooking Videos
  • Teach English
  • How to Reduce Weight
  • How to Increase your website Traffic.
  • Dance Practice
  • Singing Songs
  • Mimicry 
  • Fun speech
  • Fun Videos
  • About Technology
  • Mobile Review
  • Story Review
  • Motivation Stories
  • Movie Review
  • News 
  • Cinema News
  • About WordPress
  • About Blogger
  • Self Development
  • Life Style
  • Investment
  • Child Care Tips
  • Heath Insurance Plans
  • Life Insurance Plans
  • Natural Health Care Tips
  • Make Up Tips
  • Affiliate Guidance
There are Much more Concepts you can create further based on your knowledge and Skills.

YOUTUBE is Fast and best way to reach your topics Directly and will get more visitors.

3. Fiverr

How to Earn money From FIVERR.COM

Simple way to make money online using FIVERR.COM, Just register, Create Profile, Create GIG.
Then automatically FIVERR gives opportunity based on your skills.

FIVERR Charges is 20% 

Fiverr Services:-

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Data
  • Business
  • Lifestyle

4.Affiliate Programs:-

What is Affiliate Programs - This is a process of commission every time you promote some one else's Products or Services. Also If you generate sale you will get more commission. 

08 Best Affiliate Programs for 2021

Amazon Associate Programs
Ebay Partner Network
M4trix Network
CJ Affiliate


Best 4 Free Lancer Websites


There are above 5 Websites will guide you and earn more income by joining and start earning.

You can Find Best Online Gunuine Jobs listed for your good prospects. Enjoy!

Keep Learning. All the Best.