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How to Align Portfolio with SEctoral Trends Using Dashboards and Scanners | Milind Upasani | Sat 23 April | 3- 5 PM|


How to Align Portfolio with SEctoral Trends Using Dashboards and Scanners

Portfolio Management Course - (Technical Analysis)

Schedule - 23-April-2022 at 03:00 PM (IST)

Duration - 2 Hours

Total Users - 61

Course FEE - ₹590


For market-beating returns, one needs to build a portfolio which is aligned with changes in Market / sectoral strength. This requires ability to identify strong sectors in an early phase to avoid getting trapped at late stages of the rallies. This webinar is focused on a systematic approach using dashboards to identify market / sectoral changes in early stages and also guide one towards the right stocks to include / exit in their portfolio.

Objective of the Webinar-

This webinar will share steps to implement dashboards as well as usage of scanners to

How to identify Market trends ?

How to identify Sectoral trends ?

How to identify Specific stocks to add / exit from portfolio ? 



A Mechanical Engineer and MBA in Supply chain management, Milind became a full-time trader this July after an enriching career spanning 25 years in the IT and manufacturing industry. Have been an avid investor for 15 years, starting with mutual funds and growing into trading in equity based on techno-funda analysis. A senior role in management during the later stage of the career relied heavily on scanners/alerts to execute his trades.

Usage of a Technical indicator to work with changes in strength of a trend be it for a stock . sector or overall market
Implementation of scanners and Dashboards
Structured approach to independently design their portfolio based on active market trends
Exit / Enter right sectors in early staged of trend reversals