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A2Z OF MONEY- Financial Market Course |

Elearnmarkets Top 3 Courses

How to Analyse Derivatives Data For Identification Of Stock Trend by Vivek Bajaj - Course 
 FEE ₹ 1180

Simple And Effective Way to Make Money from Stock Markets by Vivek Bajaj - Course 
FEE    -  ₹ 590

How Can One Become A Successful Option Scalper by Sivakumar Jayachandran - Course 
FEE    -  ₹ 590



This course is designed to help the participants to realize by themselves how to make the correct choice when faced with tempting spending options.
Digitization has led our children to perceive most things as instant, and in real-time. The course will try to correct the impression that earning money is as easy as spending it.
Importantly,  students will learn how a saving habit can result in a lifetime’s control over extravagance.