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Technical Analysis Made Easy- Free Course (New Year Offer) Enroll As soon As Possible - 08 January 2022

 Technical Analysis Made Easy- Free Course 

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listed In : Technical Analysis

Language : English

Difficulty : Basic

Validity : 3 Years

Program : Self-Paced Recorded

Instructor : Kredent Academy

Students Enrolled till today- 8405


30 videos

Practice Tests


Technical Analysis is an efficient approach which if properly understood will allow an individual to be in a comfort zone in all kinds of environments such as a trading range or a trending market. With the help of Technical Analysis you will be able to analyse any financial market chart on your own and take profitable trading decisions. Given the volatile nature of the capital markets in recent times, it is essential to be armed with every possible tool available to trade or invest . Taking informed decisions in the markets can only build pathways for a successful career in markets , and to do this you can't skip having a holistic knowledge on Technical analysis. 

After going through the course the learners will be able to identify good quality stocks and also identify the correct time to enter or exit.


This program will enable the participants to help :

Identify the broad trend of the market 
Learn to take proper Entry and Exits on stocks 
Learn about the theory and science behind technical analysis to identify profitable trades with maximum risk reward ratio. 
Learn various methods and tools like candlestick patterns and price patterns , supports and resistances  to detect the pulse of the markets and determine the trend in which the prices are moving.


Learn Technical Analysis
How to analyse the trend of the market?
How to find support and resistances to trade?
Learn how to analyse classical Chart Patterns 
How to trade with Candlestick Patterns?

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