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Artificial Intelligence in Health Care - From Theory to Mainstream | Free Webinar| 03 February 2022|

Artificial Intelligence in Health Care - From Theory to Mainstream

Sureshkumar Rajasekar

Vice President, Technology

Optum Global Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Date & Time

03 February 2022- 03:00 PM

Sureshkumar leads the Optum Insights Product engineering group based out of BLR India. Suresh has passion for creating breakthrough products, platforms and solutions. Suresh and his team actively leverage various technical stacks including azure cloud, AI\/ML and Blockchain to provide innovative and intelligent products to customers. Their products and solutions enable better services by the provider, payer and governments and helps in reducing overall healthcare cost. Suresh has over 21 years of professional experience in the areas of R&D, Medical devices and SW product development and business leadership and is credited for launching multiple platforms and products some of them are global B-Schools case studies for reverse innovation.

Key points of discussion

Introduction of AI and its impact

Application of AI in health care

Specific use cases and innovations

Typical challenges of using AI in healthcare

Building a career in AI

Who should attend

Technology professionals with 2+ years of work experience with background of working in Healthcare or other consumer industries,Java,Java Developer, full stack developers,Cloud & IoT experts, AI/ML technologies,data scientists,analytics professionals, robotics automation professionals,Health Care


Data Scientists

AI/ML Technologies

Analytics Professionals

Robotics Automation Profession

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