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Android Mobile Application Development | Free Course | Register Soon| 29 January 2022

 Android Mobile Application Development

Android Mobile Application Development course is designed such that after successfully completed the course, the learner will be able to use the development tools in the Android development environment, use the major components of Android API to develop their own apps, describe the life cycles of Activities, Applications and Fragments, use the Java programming language to build Android apps, make UI-rich apps using all the major UI components, store and manipulate data using Content Providers, Shared Preferences and Notifications, do background processing with Services and AsyncTasks, utilize sensors to add orientation and location to their apps, send and receive SMS messages programmatically, package and prepare their apps for distribution on the Google Play Store.

The course content will contain recorded videos, which are based on the syllabus designed by the experts. All the participants, who are enrolled for the course, can take the course online. Also, they can download the video/text material for later use. After the completion of each lecture, the students can clarify their doubts with the instructor through discussion form. At the end of the course, the students have an option to undergo an online test which is objective in nature. On successful completion of the exam, the student shall be provided with a certificate declaring the participation and successful completion of the course by the candidate as per the guidelines.


Course Status : Upcoming

Course Type : Core

Duration : 12 weeks

Start Date : 01 Feb 2022

End Date :

Exam Date :

Enrollment Ends : 28 Feb 2022

Category :


Credit Points : 4

Level : Certificate

Course layout




Android Software Development, building a sample Android application using Android Studio.


Android Project Structure, Android Manifest File and its common settings.


Activities, Services, Intents.


Permissions, Application resources.


Basic User Interface Screen elements, Designing User Interfaces with    Layouts.


Using Content Providers, Handling Persisting Data.


JSON Web Service.


Gallery, drawing 2D and 3D Graphics and Multimedia, Drawing and Working with Animation.


Networking, Telephony and Location, Android Networking, Web and Telephony API.


Search, Location and Mapping, Communication, Identity, Sync and        social media.


Sensor and Hardware Programming.


Publishing Android Application.

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